Julie Gill Ballet Coaching


Private ballet coaching in Denver


Improve your classical ballet technique with private coaching

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Detailed technique coaching to help you get to the next level

I have worked with many dancers who were having trouble keeping up in class to correct technique problems and limiting habits to set them on a path for success.

Gain a fresh perspective on ballet technique with detailed and creative explanations, demonstrations, and hands-on guidance.

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Kind, Respectful and Welcoming

Forget the stereotypical exacting and condescending ballet teacher. Enter into our kind, welcoming, and respectful environment and experience instruction that understands and embraces wherever you are in your life.

Feel comfortable going out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons in our private studio setting.

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Master variations, new steps, or challenging technique

Studying for an exam, mastering a new step, or cleaning choreography can be daunting. Let's break it down together and get into the details one-on-one to help you succeed. 

Bring your hardest pirouettes, barre technique, or center choreography and work towards mastery. 


Student Stories

My 8-year-old daughter Josephine met with Ms. Gill for in-depth, one-on-one ballet lessons. She had received feedback from her teachers that she was struggling to keep up in class and was asked to repeat the previous year again.

I was not sure what to expect, but the depth of Julie's thoughtful observations, calm tutelage and precise instructions exceeded my hopes. 

In one hour, my daughter immediately "got" what 4 years of ballet hadn't been explaining to her about turnout and foot placement. 

Get started improving your technique today